Everest Mountain Flights

Scenic Flights to the top of the world's largest mountain range the easy way on a 1-hour scenic flight over Mount Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. The scenic flight departs from the domestic airport in Kathmandu and takes place early in the morning to catch the best light. Experience spectacular views of the Himalayas on this essential tour for any visitor to Nepal.

Flying through the sky you will observe the natural serenity, beautiful mountain valleys, large open clear skies, and lush flora and fauna of the valley. Encounter the tallest mountains in the world, giving you spectacular views of Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, the Tibetan plateau and many others. It is a popular and enchanting tourist attraction.

The planes are small 18 seaters giving everyone the chance to get a window seat so that you won't miss any of the views.

Everest Mountain Flights operate every day throughout the year, although the best viewing season is from September through May. If the flight is cancelled due to bad weather, your flight will be rescheduled for the following morning with extra transportation costs. But if you are not available to fly the next day, your flight will be refunded with a deduction of the transportation cost.

Below airlines are operating the daily mountain flights in Nepal. We offer big discount mountain flight cost you may book online.

Buddha Air Mountain Flight

Buddha Air Mountain Flight

Close encounter to Mount everest - Buddha air mountain flight offers you the most luxurious flight to explore the spectacular view of mount everest. Offers daily an hour long spectacular mountain sightseeing flight service in Nepal through Buddha Air.

Yeti Airlines Mountain Flight

Yeti Airlines Everest Express

Yeti airlines one of the best domestic airlines is Nepal offers daily flight to many places of Nepal, from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepalgunj and Mountain flight. Everest Express which is also known as Mountain flight.

Simrik Airlines Mountain Flight

Simrik Air Mountain Flight

One hour Everest Flight takes off from Kathmandu Airport and flies east in modern Beech 1900 fully pressurized and air-conditioned aircraft, where one can see magnificent mountains from a height of around 25,000 feet.